Is Daydreaming the Cognitive Casualty of the 21st Century?

"...As opposed to sleeping, I tried to thoughtfully think - be it about current projects, recent technologies that I'd come across, various impending deadlines, my upcoming wedding - any of a plethora of random items crept in and out of my consciousness.

What at first took some effort, began to lapse quite plainly into daydreaming. Even as I write this, I worry, have I gotten so consumed by constant stimulation that it takes effort to daydream? To think uninhibitedly? Is this what I've come to?"

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Dollars and Scents - Tapping Primitive Instincts in Modern Consumerism

"..and it's this refined reaction that can drive emotionally compelling, Proustian Memories. We've all had them. That moment when a wave of sensations and emotions, deeply embedded in your shadowy subconscious, floods back with effortless ease.

In the consumer world, a few common brands are lucky to have this embedded in their offering. The fragrance of freshly ground coffee in Starbucks. The hot-out-of-the-oven cinnamon rolls at Cinnabon. Even our primitive malls bask in the ridiculous buttery balm of Auntie Anne's pretzels. (You're thinking about how good all of those sound right now, aren't you?)"

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Addison Hoover