Reimagining Healthcare

Addison is committed to a world where healthcare delivers on the promise of human care. Whether it's mapping new customer journeys, doing patient research, or leading design workshops, Addison is tirelessly committed to the patient and improving the ecosystem that supports them.


Branch Transformation

Sensing a major shift in the industry, Addison reoriented his focus in late 2013 on the retail banking industry, and became a leader in the concept of branch transformation. Shown here speaking to an audience in Mexico City, Addison helped bring a human-focused and multi-industry approach to the introduction of fractional employee models and reconfigured workflows, as the financial sector underwent myriad shifts in consumer experience design. 



Marrying the humanities and technology, Addison has unique gift for distilling various industry trends and consumer experience concepts to their core. In recent years, Addison has been asked to speak at conferences across the US, Mexico, and Canada, on topics ranging from CX megatrends, channel optimization, and service design strategy at shows like BAI Retail Delivery, PayThink, and The Innovation Conference.


Executive Communications

Across his career, Addison has proudly led executive presentations with partners from over 50 countries, and to to notable media figures (Steve Liesman, CNBC), business titans like Richard Anderson (Delta), distinguished leaders (the family of CK Prahalad, former NY Govenor David Paterson), and in notable venus like Capital Hill and the New York Stock Exchange.

Redesigning Retail Experiences

Starting in late 2009, Addison joined the team that helped sell and launch the first self checkout devices to Target. In doing so, Addison helped rethink the consumer (and employee) choreography for a radically redone transaction experience. Addison helped lead team member technology training, new store QA testing, and human-to-human service design experimentation.