Design Workshops

Addison has helped teams in multiple industries work through complex customer experience issues using various collaborative and design-based techniques. Whether unlocking value in the retail, travel, or healthcare industry, Addison has been leveraged to help understand how people, processes, and technology can be utilized in unique and unforeseen ways.


Inspired by design mentor Lyle Sandler, Addison was encouraged to invest time into drawing and re-training his eye for detail. Today, Addison continues to carry a small Smythson travel journey and various pens in his travel kit, observing and drawing ideas and elements from the world around him (to the left, outlines for a smart watch clasp concept).


Digital Communications

With a passion for sharing ideas, best practices, and insights, Addison has turned to unique forums like Medium, LinkedIn, and podcasting to help contribute his voice to the dynamic conversations of multi-industry consumer experience design.