This is Addison.

Technologist  |  Writer  |  Creative  |  Speaker


Addison Hoover is a thought-leader in consumer experience technologies and design. Over the past ten years, he's worked on a multitude of projects spanning numerous industries, leveraging his expertise in consumer transaction technology, experience and service design, sales, marketing, and user research. Addison is regularly asked to write and speak on various multi-industry megatrends, and to translate both visionary and practical ideas into action with leaders in retail, banking, hospitality, and healthcare.
Addison is notable for his energetic, articulate, and jovial persona. He seamlessly engages across a variety of realms, and always carries a confident and engaging demeanor. Addison's professional mission is to blend technology and the humanities on the journey towards delivering meaningful and personal consumer experiences.

Away from his professional life, Addison enjoys staying current with all things culture and entertainment - be it what's playing in local theaters, the latest gallery opening, or discovering new music. When he's not attending a concert or adding to an ever-growing collection of vinyl records, he loves traveling, writing, and listening to a bevy of podcasts - all of which turn a heavy travel schedule into a productive one.